100% BONUS UP TO $/€333



100% BONUS UP TO $/€333


October 2015 Promotions

Get the largest and biggest bonus in the casino gaming market right here and now, at the onset of the GoWild October 2015 Promotions! Bringing you the grandest and most practical online gaming welcome bonus there ever is; it’s no wonder why we’re the favourite online casino in Australia and Europe.

More GoWild Rewards, More Casino Fun!

Giving our players hefty bonuses and rewards all the time, it’s to be expected on how the GoWild Casino review articles mostly sprinkle us with compliments. We share this not to boast, but to impart to you the realization that GoWild Casino is the online gaming centre that you should put as Number 1 on your gaming list!

To maintain our status as market trendsetter, we implemented some upgrades to our usual New Player Rewards for this coming GoWild Casino October 2015 Promotions event. If it was very good before, wait till you hear about these new bonuses!

The awesome GoWild bonuses are split into several parts, and here is how it works:

  • Reward No. 1 – After you create an account with GoWild Casino and make your initial deposit, GoWild Casino will grant you two choices to enjoy your first reward: double your casino credits, or get Free Spins from GoWild Casino, on the Avalon or Riviera Riches games for GoWild Mobile Casino.
    • €100 [your first deposit] + (100 * 1.00 [GoWild Casino bonus]) = €200 [total cash you can play with]
  • Reward No. 2 – For your second and third deposits, you will be qualified for a 50% bonus of up to €150, separately. This means that you will receive a total of €300 worth of rewards. See the sample below:
    • €100 [your first deposit] + (100 * 0.50 [GoWild Casino bonus]) = €150 [total cash you can play with]
    • €100 [your second deposit] + (100 * 0.50 [GoWild Casino bonus]) = €150 [total cash you can play with]
    • TOTAL playable credits: €300
  • Reward No. 3 – Now this third option for the New Player Rewards is for serious punters: the High Roller Welcome Bonus. Make a deposit of a minimum of €500, up to a max of €2,000 and GoWild Casino shall rewards you with a 50% bonus, worth up to €1,000.
    • €1000 [your deposit] + (1000* 0.50 [GoWild Casino bonus]) = €1,500 [total cash you can play with]

Those rewards look really great don’t they? The generosity of the GoWild October 2015 Promotions do not end there though, because we will still give you more throughout the year. Every week, watch out for the various perks listed on GoWild Casino Promotions calendar.

Craving bonuses? You won’t find perks this great elsewhere, so join GoWild Casino today!

Last updated on October 21, 2023