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I’m not interested in an exclusive bonus.
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April 2014 Promotions

Prepare for the biggest and most rewarding Easter egg hunt at Go Wild Casino! Give your gaming life a good boost this month as we bring you the most vibrant and lucrative Go Wild Casino April 2014 Promotions! Largesse of special rewards and offers are now up for grabs! All you have to do is keep calm and play in our casino all day, since with us, hunting great sums of winnings has never been this easy!

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Jumpstart your casino gaming life with us and you will never regret it. Get started today and will immediately give you the wildest welcome package of € 1,000! What’s even better is that aside from super top ups in your initial bankroll; we will let you get your hands on 1,000 casino credits and 150 free spins by simply following three simple steps. Of course, this is just the start because we have packed more surprises for you this month!

Let our April 2014 Promotions bring your experience to the next level! This April, every day will be your lucky day since we will be giving away special bonuses daily. Hence, it is better to stay tuned and keep playing from dusk to dawn to ensure that not even a single opportunity is missed. Get the most of our Weekend Cash Race, Go Wild Casino Mobile Double Points Special every Monday, Wednesday Deluxe, Spin Machine Sundays, and more!

Of course, we know the Easter is best celebrated with your friends and loved ones so why not invite them to play with you in our casino? Not only will you be giving them great gaming experience, but you will also be entitled for some free cash as a reward for inviting them. Moreover, we have given our ‘Wild Points system’ a boost so keep playing and convert your comp points to earn even more!

All of the aforesaid treats are just the tip of the iceberg of our Go Wild Casino April 2014 Promotions! Search no more because we will be offering the finest deals straightaway at your doorstep! Take a plunge with us today and discover the best and most profitable way to spend your Easter Sunday!