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100% BONUS UP TO $/€333


GoWild News

GoWild Casino is one of the most advanced online casinos in the world and as one strives to be as dynamic and innovative as possible. From new games added every week, to special GoWild Promotions and bonuses and all the way to loyalty points and exclusive VIP club offers, GoWild Casino dominates the scene when it comes to delivering new features every day.

The rapid changing nature of GoWild Online Casino prompts GoWild to issue a weekly GoWild News report in which all promotions, bonuses and new games are listed together with special offers and slots tournaments.

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To stay updated with GoWild News, players can join the weekly newsletter delivered straight to their e-mail, go online to GoWild Casino and read the latest GoWild News to get a glimpse of which exciting bonuses and free rolls GoWild has to offer for the current week or stay updated while playing GoWild Casino as the software displays bits of GoWild News in the lobby and while in game.

The secret to gain more from your GoWild account is to use promotions and bonuses and check for new games and free games all the time. Players might find the one promotion that would turn them into VIP players just from weekly following GoWild News. By following GoWild News players guarantee they won’t miss any GoWild Casino Bonus and no free roll offer.

Besides promotions, bonuses and offers, GoWild News also announce major GoWild changes in framework and platform and new GoWild Casino Games which is why staying up to date with GoWild News is more than just getting a hand at the best promotions and bonuses.

Contact us to list yourself in the GoWild News mailing list even if you’re not a GoWild Player.

Last updated on July 4, 2022